Invest your time in writing books, not selling them.

Uproar Books is the halfway point between self-publishing and a traditional publishing house. We’ll prep, publish, and market your novel so you can focus on doing what you do best—write!

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No Upfront Costs

Like a traditional publishing house, we cover all costs for publishing and marketing your sci-fi or fantasy epic in exchange for a percentage of sales.

We Believe in You

We don't offer our services to just any author with a credit card. We only select books that we believe in, so we're as excited to launch your book as you are.

Join the Community

We're a small publishing company focused 100% on epic sci-fi and fantasy novels. This allows us to build a common fan base for all of our authors.

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Prepare for Success

Copy editing & proofing


Cover design

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Author webpages

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Uproar Books is proud to donate 10% of the sales price of every book to the CUSP Foundation, which provides food, education, and healthcare services to elementary school-aged children living in extreme poverty in South Africa.