Worlds of Light and Darkness

Angela Yuriko Smith & Scot Noel, editors
Paperback: $16.95 | eBook: $7.99

A collection of the best speculative fiction from the pages of DreamForge and Space & Time literary magazines, including short stories by Jonathan Maberry, Scott Edelman, and more.

“Genius.” -Booklist

Contains some real gems.” -Publishers Weekly

Science Fiction | Anthology | Short Stories
Published: May 25, 2021

From the Back Cover:

A haunted father who discovers a place where incomplete things—and people—are made whole. A mischievous satyr who hatches a plan to set loose chaos on a global scale. A workaholic witch in search of her kitty companion. Invasive technology to rewrite the human brain. Dragon slayers. Zombies. Time travelers. Ice skaters.

These twenty short stories stretch across multiple universes and beyond death—and yet, they remain intimate, personal, emotional. They demonstrate the strength of the human spirit to find hope and seek a better tomorrow in even the darkest times.

A selection of the best speculative fiction from DreamForge and Space & Time literary magazines, these are the stories we need today as we struggle through a pandemic, divisive politics, rampant misinformation, a belligerent defiance of facts and science, and new technologies that are already spiraling beyond our control.

Read, my friends… and take hope.

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Answered Prayers      

By Scott Edelman


By Mark Gallacher

The Ghost of a Smile             

By John Jos. Miller

The Spiral Ranch                   

By Sarena Ulibarri

An Infinite Number               

By David Amburgey

Sing! & Remember    

By Lauren C. Teffeau

A Sip of Pombé                      

By Gustavo Bondoni 

Born from Memory    

By Jane Lindskold

Tea with Gibbons      

By Tyler Tork

The Weight of Mountains      

By L. Deni Colter


By Davide Mana

The Dead Don’t Dream                     

By Gordon Linzner

Collecting Violet       

By Austin Gragg


By John Palisano                                                                         

Joy of Life     

By Alessandro Manzetti


By Jonathan Maberry

The Feline, the Witch, and the Universe       

By Jennifer Shelby

Hands of a Toolmaker

By Eric Del Carlo

A Farewell to Worms 

By John Linwood Grant

A Glass Darkly          

By Ian Rogers

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About DreamForge:

DreamForge is a speculative fiction literary magazine founded in 2019 by entrepreneur, author, and video game developer Scot Noel and graphic artist Jane Noel.

By design, the magazine showcases characters who bring meaning and value to the world, whose actions are of consequence, and whose dreams are the vanguard of things to come.

In 2021, DreamForge transitioned to a digital-only publication, adding essays on the craft of writing as well as a look inside the minds of the authors featured in each issue to discover how they conceived and crafted their stories, especially the editing and improving processes.


About Space & Time:

Founded in 1966 by a high schooler named Gordon Linzner who published his brainchild on a mimeograph machine he purchased for $25, Space & Time is now the world’s longest continuously running semi-pro speculative fiction magazine.

After publishing short stories and poetry for well over fifty years, Space & Time was rescued and revamped in 2018 by the publishing team of Angela Yuriko Smith and Ryan Aussie Smith, and is once again a must-read for true fans of the strange and unusual.