Urban Fantasy


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The brutal realm of dragons spills into the modern world in C.L. Schneider’s Nite Fire series!

Sentenced to execution in the dragon realm, Dahlia Nite flees to the modern human world where she fights a secret battle to keep her new home safe from her old one.



Dreams can be deadly in Kit Alloway’s Dream Walker trilogy!

Seventeen-year-old dream walking prodigy Joshlyn Weaver takes on deadly dreams and a nightmarish reality. The first two books are listed together here, followed by the third and final installment.


The Guardians of the Path series by Nicole DragonBeck

Magic and music are one in Cedar’s home world. But he’s not in his home world anymore, and magic may end forever if he can’t find his way back.



Fantasy thrillers from Not a Pipe Publishing!

A fleeing fay must learn to embrace her fire magic and her past before darkness consumes us all in Kate Ristau’s Shadow Girl.

Shadow Girl by Kate Ristau:


Jason Brick’s Wrestling Demons takes its title literally when a high school wrestler finds himself in a war against evil.

Wrestling Demons by Jason Brick:


Take a head trip into the dark memories in DecreMenTal by Daniel P. Foord

One heroic act changes the life of a reclusive insomniac when mysterious spirits give him the ability to explore his own dark childhood.


Irish folklore turns into a modern crime drama in the Dun an Duras series by Gemma Tarr

The fabric of the universe is get torn apart when fairy tales and folklore make a very real and deadly intrusion into modern-day Ireland.



To Dream of Gods by Todd Tracy

Visions of talking butterflies, escaped tigers, and other mysterious creatures lead an orphan on adventure that may change the fate of the world.