Forbidden Minds | Book 2

The Two Riders

By Armond Boudreaux
Paperback: $16.95 | eBook: $6.99

Branded a terrorist for rescuing her telepathic son from a government research facility, former U.S. Marine Val Hara must decide whether to flee to safety with her family or force the world to see the truth.

Science Fiction | Thriller
Coming Dec. 14, 2021

From the Back Cover:

The Truth Alone Can’t Save a World Built on Lies | Fear | Genocide

Branded a terrorist for rescuing her telepathic son from a government research lab, former U.S. Marine Val Hara wants nothing more than to escape into hiding with her family.

Her sister, investigative reporter Jessica Brantley, demands they stand and fight. Government agents are hunting down other children like Val’s—and no one else can save them.

But it’s already too late. There’s no fighting what comes next. And escape is impossible.

Despite tyrannical laws requiring artificial wombs for all human reproduction, the governments of the world have failed to completely eliminate the births of people with telepathic abilities. Now, they’re coming together to save their own.

And they’ll bring down all of human civilization if that’s what it takes to survive.

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About the Author:

A Humanities professor at East Georgia State College, Dr. Armond Boudreaux draws inspiration from Southern literary giants such as Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner, but with the heavy influence of epic, action-packed authors ranging from George R.R. Martin to Homer. He also writes nonfiction about the ethics and politics of superheroes, including co-authoring the book Titans: How Superheroes Can Help Us Make Sense of a Polarized World (Cascade Books, 2017). Born in Alabama, he now lives in Statesboro, Ga., with his wife and five children.

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