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The Rude Eye of Rebellion

By J.R.H. Lawless
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Liam Argyle is back! And he’s done turning a blind eye to the evils of the corporate-run world of the 2070s. Now, he’s out to bring down the very people who made him the world’s most popular reality show star.

Award Winner for “Best Positive Future Novel” -2020 Annual Critters Readers Poll

Science Fiction | Humor
Published: Sept 2020

From the Back Cover:

If only fools think they can change the world,
then a fool is the only one who can…

Life doesn’t pick winners and losers. That’s for the corporations to decide. And they picked Liam Argyle for a carefree life of fame and fortune as host of the world’s most popular reality show competition.

Unfortunately, Liam doesn’t do carefree. After two seasons of parading about the world’s biggest victims on The Grass is Greener, he’s been forced to put a happy face on one tragedy too many—and he won’t turn a blind eye to the horrors of the corporate dystopian world of the 2070s any longer.

Now, Liam is out to destroy the very people who made him a star. Even if he fails, he vows he’ll never be a feckless pawn of the industrial-military-entertainment-culinary-janitorial complex ever again!

…and this time, he means it.

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About the Author:

Born in Newfoundland, Canada, raised in France, and come into his own as an author while living near an 12th century abbey in rural England, J.R.H. Lawless is now an attorney by day and a speculative fiction author by night.

He draws on his education and professional experience, including at Sciences Po Paris and the French National Assembly, to craft worlds that look ahead to the political, social, and economic challenges that face us all, both in the near and the more distant future, as humanity moves out into the Solar System and beyond. He also draws on his deep-grained love of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams to make sure his worlds are full of tongue-in-cheek humor and never take themselves quite too seriously, even when the subject matter itself could not be more serious.

Now living and writing in Atlantic Canada with his beautiful family, Lawless looks forward to sharing his worlds with as many people as possible.

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