Publication Terms

If (when!) you’re offered a publication deal with Uproar Books, here are the terms we typically offer previously unpublished authors:

Trade Paperback Publication

Authors earn 10% of retail price on paperback novels sold through our distributor to brick-and-mortar bookstores or directly to consumers via online retailers and public events.

eBook Publication

Authors earn 50% of all revenues received by Uproar Books for the sale of eBooks. (“Revenues received” means after the e-retailer’s share and fees, which can range from 25-70%.)

Marketing & Art

Uproar Books covers all marketing, art, and design expenses. In fact, we do not ever ask our authors to cover any expenses out of their own pocket.

Charitable Giving

Uproar Books donates 10% of all revenue received (not just profits, but all revenue received!) from sales of print and digital books to the CUSP Foundation, providing for the education, healthcare, and daily needs of children living in extreme poverty in South Africa.