If (when!) you’re offered a publication deal with Uproar Books, here are the terms we typically offer previously unpublished authors:

Print Publication

Authors earn 10% of retail price on hard cover and paperback novels sold through our distributor to brick-and-mortar bookstores or directly to consumers via online retailers and public events.

eBook Publication

Authors earn 50% of all revenues received by Uproar Books for the sale of eBooks. (“Revenues received” means after the e-retailer’s share and fees, which can range from 25-70%.)


Uproar Books provides an advance to authors offered a print & digital publication contract. Digital-only publication contracts typically do not include an advance.

Marketing, Art & Printing

Uproar Books is a traditional publisher and covers all marketing, art & design, and printing expenses for our titles. We do not ever ask our authors to cover any expenses out of their own pocket.