Promote Your Book!

Uproar Books wants to build the biggest possible audience of avid readers who are always hunting for new sci-fi or fantasy novels. We can’t do that by only featuring our own books over and over again. That’s why we’re inviting you to take advantage of our online bookstore, blog, and e-newsletter to market your novels alongside ours!


Free Marketing Options

As a new company, our audience at this point is small. Therefore, we are offering the opportunity to be included for FREE for a limited time only.

To be included, your book(s) must be available through Amazon so we can at least earn some revenue through the Amazon Affiliate program when readers buy your work through our site. Hey, we are a business after all, and we do have to make money to stay open!

Simply reach out to us and request any of the following:

  • Add your book(s) to our online bookstore
  • A “shout out” on Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Include a brief description of your book in our e-newsletter (coming soon)
  • Feature you (the author) in a post on our blog (coming soon)


Paid Promotion 

Right now, we are offering one (1) ad spot for a book cover and description to be featured as a “widget” in the right-hand column on every interior page of our website for $5 per month. The book must be available through Amazon, and the ad must be connected to Uproar Books’s Amazon Affiliate account.

Email us today to secure this ad for your book!


Upcoming Opportunities 

Once our audience reaches sufficient size, we will begin adding more options for outside authors to promote their book(s). Here are some of the opportunities we will make available:

  • List your book(s) first, right at the top of the page in our online bookstore ($5 per month)
  • Prominently feature your book(s) in our enewsletter ($5 per newsletter)

Both of these options will include multiple social media mentions as well. Or you can choose a social media only promotion:

  • Twice daily Facebook and Twitter posts for three (3) days ($10)
  • Twice weekly Facebook and Twitter posts for four (4) weeks ($10)
  • Both of the above! ($15)

Note: Paid promotions will be marked as such.

Prices subject to change.