What does Uproar Books charge its authors?

Authors do not pay a single dime out of their own pocket to Uproar Books. Instead, if Uproar Books selects your novel for publication, we earn a 50% share of proceeds from sales of your book.

Do I keep the rights to my books and characters?

Yes. In your contract, you provide Uproar Books with an exclusive license to publish and sell English-language editions of your novel, but you maintain full intellectual property rights to your creations.

Why are you only looking for sci-fi and fantasy authors?

To maximize overlap in readership between all of our authors. If readers like one, they’ll love the others.

If I submit my novel, how quickly will I hear back from you?

Within three weeks, typically…. But we are currently behind on reviewing submissions and so it may be five weeks at this point. We will work our way back to the three-week time frame.

Do you read every novel submitted?

Yes, but we don’t necessarily finish them if serious issues are quickly apparent.

Why does Uproar Books receive 50% of sales price for all books sold?

A 50/50 split is common among publishing/marketing companies offering services similar to Uproar Books. But remember, Uproar Books only keeps a small percentage of what we charge. While the author’s share is yours free and clear, we pay for all design and marketing costs from our half.

(Plus, Uproar Books donates 10% of proceeds from every book to the CUSP Foundation, and this comes entirely out of our share!)

If a 50/50 split is commonplace, why should an author pick Uproar Books over another company?

As a new company, Uproar Books is willing to provide a $1,000 advance on the author’s share of earnings—a rare and wonderful advantage for our authors! Also, every time Uproar Books sells a copy of your book, we’ll donate 10% of proceeds to the CUSP Foundation, entirely out of our share.

What if you price my eBook at free?

This does not count as a “sale,” and neither the author nor Uproar Books is entitled to any earnings. Note: we will only price your eBook at $0.00 with your permission in writing.

What if you send out free promotional print copies of my book?

This does not count as a “sale,” and neither the author nor Uproar Books is entitled to any earnings. Uproar Books will cover the hard costs of production and shipping of the printed book.

What if I get offered a better deal by a major publisher and want out of my contract with Uproar Books?

You can buy us out of the contract at any time for $4,000, no questions asked. We will part as friends and wish you the best!

What if Uproar Books fails to sell my book?

If at any time a title has sold zero (0) copies in the previous six (6) months, the author can terminate Uproar Books’ publishing and sales license in writing without a termination fee.