Tolkien and Martin: Myth-Making and History-Making

Fantasy has been enjoying an almost twenty-year-long renaissance, starting I suppose with Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring (2001). Maybe renaissance is the wrong word. Maybe it’s too grand. But something has been happening, and I can’t help thinking that it is the best thing that has happened to literature and popular culture in a while. Fantasy (of all kinds) deserves

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Both of our newest releases are on sale as ebooks for only 99 cents! Called “hilarious and horrifying” by Foreword Reviews, ALWAYS GREENER by JRH Lawless is a darkly absurd sci-fi satire about a future reality show competition for the world’s worst life. Called “sure to win over fantasy readers” by Publishers Weekly, ASPERFELL by

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Twitter Contest

Get your most ridiculous work stories ready! Your funniest and most absurd workplace situations can earn you fabulous prizes starting Monday, April 13, in the #LiveYourWorstLife Twitter contest!

Cover Reveal!

aO Uproar Books is thrilled to unveil the cover art for the upcoming gothic fantasy Asperfell by Jamie Thomas, launching February 18, 2020! aO aO The illustration and design work are by the incomparable Khristian M. Collins. aO Black cover blurb: aO Only the darkest and most dangerous of Mages are sentenced to pass through the gate

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