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George Orwell’s 1984 is more double plus good than ever!

Whether you’ve never read it or you haven’t read it since you were forced to in high school, it’s time for George Orwell’s 1984. 


The Divine Cities trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett

A spy pursues a murderer through a surreal, magical city where long-dead gods may not be so dead after all.



More from Robert Jackson Bennett

A new Renaissance Italy-esque fantasy series begins with Foundryside, plus other unique and complex worlds of magic from one of today’s best speculative fiction authors.


The Feedback Loop series by Harmon Cooper

When you’re trapped in a violent noir video game, every day is a deadly nightmare.


Science fiction thrillers from Not a Pipe Publishing!

A man-made plague is turning people into abominations and could wipe out our species in M.K. Martin’s Survivors’ Club.

Survivors’ Club in Paperback & eBook: 

The title says it all in Benjamin Gorman’s The Digital Storm: A Science Fiction Reimagining of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

The Digital Storm in eBook:


The Corporation controls the world by controlling schools, until one high schooler begins uncovering all the right secrets in Benjamin Gorman’s Corporate High School.

Corporate High School in Paperback & eBook:

Genetic enhancement is all it takes to be truly green, but not everyone gets chosen to be part of the master class in Heather S. Ransom’s Going Green series.

The Going Green Series in Paperback & eBook: