About Uproar Books

A bold new publisher of epic fantasy and science fiction

Uproar Books, LLC, is the halfway point between self-publishing and a traditional publishing house. We prep, publish, and market novels so our authors can focus on doing what they do best—write!

As a brand new publishing company, we are focused primarily on digital sales (ebooks) but also produce paperbacks for direct sale. We anticipate announcing our first authors in January 2019 and bringing our first novels to market in spring of 2019.

Who we are…

Uproar Books was founded by Rick Lewis, an experienced marketing professional in Nashville, Tenn., who has represented a wide variety of clients from hotels to politicians to smartphone apps. In August 2018, Rick decided to leave agency life behind and start his own company, following his passion and promoting today’s most imaginative sci-fi and fantasy novelists.

Rick has assembled a small network of freelancers, including editors, illustrators, and a videographer, to provide all of the services necessary to edit, proof, design, print, distribute, and promote books successfully and get them into the hands of as many readers as possible.

Meet the regulars…

Rick Lewis

Rick spent eight years writing TV news before switching career paths to marketing nearly 15 years ago. He created Uproar Books without any dreams of upending the industry or revolutionizing book publishing as we know it. He simply loves epic storytelling and wants to give independent authors the freedom to focus entirely on crafting their next novel.

He lives in Nashville with his spouse, two sons, and a 110-lb. lapdog named Roscoe.

Liz Parker
Editing & Social Media

Liz is a social media consultant and strategist out of Nashville. She’s been reading since she was old enough to hold a book and loves a good story. As a lover of stories across multiple genres, she’s always gravitated toward fantasy and science fiction and is excited to bring that passion along with her expertise to the Uproar Books team.

Edouard Noisette
Graphic Artist

Edouard is an illustrator and concept artist based in Paris. he currently works at Pretty Simple Games as a 2D Artist.

Previously, he’s worked on various projects such as movies, video games, tabletop games, book covers, and more… as well as teaching concept art at Autograf School in Paris.

He’d be happy to freelance for you as well so check him out at edouard-noisette.com.