Joan of Arc… in Space!

What do Wild Sun and Joan of Arc have in common? A lot more than you realize until you read this illuminating Q&A with authors Ehsan & Shakil Ahmad, who were chosen as today’s Authors of the Day on

It’s not just your usual generic questions… and it’s never your ordinary answers with these two brothers. Here’s a short snippet:

What inspired you to write about a fierce young warrior who wants revenge?

One of our key inspirations was our deep fascination with the story of Jean D’Arc. The rise of this flawed but seemingly invulnerable warrior was nothing short of fascinating. We’ve spent countless hours together discussing the aspects of her story which were so compelling – the visions and apparitions, her position of weakness but inner resolve and strength, her ascent against the backdrop of the Hundred Years War, etc.

Why did you include an interstellar empire in the story?

The more you view things on a ‘galactic empire’ scale, the more tectonic it feels. There is this sense that all the shifts happen slowly and cannot be defied, regardless of the forces at play. However, it is the cumulative actions of individuals that keep everything moving—sometimes together, sometimes apart, but always driven by individual people, each acting on their own personal motives. Despite the larger machinations, we believe true conflict always starts from within.

Read the full interview here!

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