Read the first three chapters of THE WAY OUT!

When a viral pandemic leads to tens of thousands of stillbirths and deformities, governments around the world rush to mandate the use of artificial human wombs for all reproduction… and the controversial new laws redraw political battle lines for generations to come.

Fifty years later, two fearless women–an online reporter and a former U.S. Marine–are about to discover the truth behind artificial womb technology has nothing to do with human health and everything to do with stamping out terrifying genetic anomalies.

That’s the world of Armond Boudreaux’s THE WAY OUT, launching Sept. 29. And now, we’re making the first three chapters of this sci-fi thriller available online right here:

Note: Sample chapters are intended for mature readers age 18+.

Hooked? We thought so! And now, here’s the good news: THE WAY OUT is already available in paperback!


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