JRH Lawless’s madcap sequel to ALWAYS GREENER brings reality show host Liam Argyle back to the edge of revolution against the corporate dystopian world of the 2070s… and this time, he takes the plunge into outright sedition!

Today, Hugo Award-winning author John Scalzi welcomed JRH to his Whatever Blog to discuss the “Big Idea” behind RUDE EYE, and here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

RUDE EYE is a dark humor novel all about “The Grass is Greener,” a reality game show where the corporate world-state of the 2070s exploits its worst victims, the ones with the most ridiculous, nonsensical jobs and lives, to make everyone else feel better about their own lot. And perhaps worst of all, the contestants are willing participants, since they’re competing for recognition as the world’s biggest victim and a life of luxury alongside the corporate elite. 

The “opium of the people” has never been so good, since now it’s composed of the people themselves, like some sort of weird hybrid between “A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right” and “Soylent Green.”

But all the humor stirred into the brew, all the absurd situations, the wordplay, the puns, and the quirky etymology footnotes are only the teaspoon of sugar added by a particularly messed-up Mary Poppins to make the medicine go down. And that medicine is the real Big Idea in RUDE EYE: Marxist revolutionary theory applied to a late 21st century corporate world-state.

Read the full post right here!

RUDE EYE is available as of right now in ebook and a special hard cover edition… and if you buy it in hard cover, you get a free personalized gift from the author!

Prefer an ebook? That’s cool, too, but no gift for you! (Other than, you know, the gift of laughter, and really, what better gift could there be?)

What’s that you say? You haven’t read ALWAYS GREENER yet?

Well, you can understand and enjoy RUDE EYE perfectly well without having read the first book first… but still, you might as well start at the beginning:


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