John Scalzi demands to know “What’s the Big Idea” behind J.R.H. Lawless’s books

Hugo-winning author and all-around nifty guy John Scalzi is inviting Uproar Books author J.R.H. Lawless to come over and play on his Whatever blog in a couple of weeks.

Specifically, J.R.H. will there on Wednesday, September 16, to answer the question “What’s the Big Idea” behind his new sci-fi comedy THE RUDE EYE OF REBELLION, which is (not coincidentally) launching in hard cover and ebook exactly one day prior!

As such, this seems like the perfect opportunity to remind you that J.R.H. answered the very same question for the honorable Mr. Scalzi regarding his first book, ALWAYS GREENER.

Here’s just some of his answer:

The fundamental Big Idea ended up being that the power dynamics of our societies are fundamentally effed and that we, and our children, are all seriously boned if we don’t do something about it.

Not the most original of Big Ideas, certainly — but then again, there’s a reason for that; it’s because the warning remains as valid as it was when all the great dystopian writers penned their warnings about what would happen “if this goes on”. If not more so. But back in the sweet, innocent days of 2007 when I first started working on the piece, I came up with a series of hopefully interesting answers to the question of how best to develop that core dystopian Big Idea.

The first question was: What is the best way of showing the dehumanising effects of where we are headed on individuals, all around the world? The answer was: To show examples of some of the lives affected the most.

Which lead to the second question: What book premise could I come up with that would let me show those lives most naturally and effectively? 

Read the rest here!

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