“Disturbingly plausible” and other advance reviews of THE WAY OUT

The upcoming sci-fi thriller THE WAY OUT is getting excellent advance reviews before its official launch on Sept 29!

In addition to Publishers Weekly (which called it “eerily relevant and unrelenting” and “sure to thrill), we’re thrilled to watch new reviews popping up on NetGalley, especially ones from librarians like Mackenzie S.:

Brass tax, I just plain enjoyed this book and if you like dystopian fiction you will too. It was a quick read for me as it pulled me in and kept my attention the entire way through. Sometimes a sci-fi book can be too far-fetched, but this one was disturbingly plausible. The government taking control over and meddling with human reproduction? I can buy a dystopian future where that occurred. The characters are interesting, and the three different threads all complemented each other and blended together perfectly. And after flying through it, I’m interested in seeing where it goes next.

Thanks, Mackenzie! Glowing reviews from librarians are especially meaningful to us at Uproar Books!

Kaleen N. says:

Wow! What a ride! The Way Out is an excellent, new, dystopic/scifi novel that is action filled from the beginning.

And Jeanette L.:

This book was a really intense thriller and It had me hooked in at the first page […] I loved this book so much and would recommend it to anyone.

If you’re a NetGalley member, it’s not too late to download an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of THE WAY OUT right now in exchange for an honest review.

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Sorry to get all sales-y on you, but hey, we’re a publishing company, after all. Gotta move some books!

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