Uproar Books signs first authors

New scifi & fantasy publisher inks deals with Ahmad brothers, Trudie Skies

Uproar Books, LLC, has acquired worldwide English rights to the science-fiction novel Wild Sun by Ehsan Ahmad & Shakil Ahmad and the Young Adult fantasy novel Sand Dancer by Trudie Skies.

The Ahmad brothers were the first authors to sign with Uproar Books since the new speculative fiction publisher launched with a call for submissions in September 2018. As the first book in the Wild Sun series, Wild Sun introduces the forest planet Corvos and its enslaved peoples on the cusp of an uprising against an interstellar empire.

Wild Sun is a powerful and deeply personal story of oppression and hope, and I knew right away it was the perfect novel to introduce Uproar Books to the world and show fans of science fiction and fantasy literature what our new publishing company is all about,” said Rick Lewis, founder of Uproar Books.

As its second acquisition, Uproar Books secured the debut novel of British author Trudie Skies. The first book in the Sand Dancer series, Sand Dancer centers on a peasant teenager who must disguise herself as a nobleman in order to learn the way of the sword and avenge the murder of her father.

Sand Dancer is a wild ride, an almost frantically paced adventure, with a fierce and unforgettable female hero trying to stay alive in a darkly magical desert kingdom,” said Lewis. “We’re beyond fortunate—I’d say blessed—to launch this company with such a supremely talented collection of authors right out of the gate.”

About Wild Sun by Ehsan Ahmad & Shakil Ahmad

Wild Sun tells the fast-moving, emotionally powerful story of a defiant young woman named Cerrin whose primitive forest planet is conquered by an alien empire. As a slave in the depths of Mine Three, Cerrin prays every day to the god of war for a chance—any chance—to strike at her enemies. And when that chance comes, the fate of countless worlds will change forever.

“It’s remarkably tight storytelling that leaves the space opera in the background while focusing instead on richly drawn individual characters and the personal crises that drive them each to new levels of despair and, ultimately, heroism,” said Lewis.

“The heart of any good story is the people in it,” said Shakil Ahmad. “We were always intent on writing an intimate journey with real and relatable characters, even if they live on a far-off world under the rule of an alien empire.”

“Science fiction has always appealed to us because of the freedom and flexibility it brings to the storytelling process,” said Ehsan Ahmad. “We can rewrite history or create entire civilizations from whole cloth, but what makes it meaningful, what makes it memorable, what makes it real, is the people who inhabit it.”

Authors Ehsan and Shakil Ahmad simply love the art of storytelling—as audience or creators. It’s a passion they’ve shared since their childhood, growing up in New York City as the first-generation American children of immigrants from Pakistan. Early in life, this passion led Ehsan to travel across four continents to meet the people of countless cultures and hear their stories firsthand. For Shakil, it meant seeking a deeper understanding of human nature through degrees in psychology and social research.

Today, the brothers are back in the city of their birth, working for separate tech startups while collaborating on screenplays and novels. Their debut novel Wild Sun will be published in spring 2019. For more information, visit TheWildSun.com.

About Sand Dancer by Trudie Skies

Sand Dancer is a breathless tale of magic, intrigue, and murder in a desert kingdom where the summoning of fire is a sin punishable by death. When a sixteen-year-old peasant girl named Mina discovers fire magic runs in her family’s blood, she must disguise herself as a young nobleman if she hopes to discover the truth and avenge her father’s murder.

“At the heart of Sand Dancer is a young woman who is frustrated her life seems entirely out of her control,” said Skies. “She struggles constantly, often in self-destructive ways, to escape the demands and expectations of her rigid, male-dominated world. I think that’s a very real and common experience for young women of any era or culture, whether it’s a fantasy kingdom of swords and sorcery or the real world of today.”

Author Trudie Skies lives in North East England but was born in Nottingham—Robin Hood country, she says. An IT administrator by day, she spends the majority of her free time imagining warmer climates and writing about them. Sand Dancer will be published in summer 2019. For more information, visit TrudieSkies.com.

About Uproar Books

Uproar Books, LLC, is a new publisher of science fiction and epic fantasy novels. Based in Nashville, Tenn., the company calls itself the halfway point between self-publishing and a traditional publishing house. The company covers all costs of preparing, publishing, and promoting novels in exchange for a percentage of revenue from digital and print sales.

For more information or to submit a manuscript, visit UproarBooks.com.  

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