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Sci-Fi Thriller

THE TWO RIDERS by Armond Boudreaux

Branded a terrorist for saving her telepathic son from a government research facility, former U.S. Marine Val Hara must decide whether to flee with her family or expose the truth to a world on the brink.

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Gothic Fantasy


Free from the walls of Asperfell but not its strange and savage world, Briony discovers a hidden kingdom of unimaginable opulence and decadence stands between herself and the only path home.

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Y.A. Contemporary Fantasy

FORETOLD by Violet Lumani

As if OCD and extreme anxiety weren’t bad enough, high schooler Cassie Morai discovers she can see the future and must join a secretive organization of oracles to save the life of the boy she’s falling in love with.

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Short Story Anthology

WORLDS OF LIGHT & DARKNESS by Angela Yuriko Smith & Scot Noel, editors

Explore 20 of the best speculative fiction short stories from pages of DreamForge and Space & Time literary magazines.

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Young Adult Fantasy

FIRE WALKER by Trudie Skies

Mina is back! And when a king is assassinated by fire magic, she’s the only one who can prevent three great nations from going to war.

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Galactic Empires

WILD SUN: UNBOUND by Ehsan & Shakil Ahmad

In book two of the Wild Sun series, Cerrin leads a desperate band of escaped slaves on a deadly race across an ancient forest with the soldiers of a ruthless empire at their heels.

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Uproar Books Classics

WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin

In this forgotten Russian masterpiece that inspired Orwell’s 1984, a government scientist meets a sultry revolutionary who opens his eyes to the horrors of life under the perfect totalitarian state.

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Sci-Fi Dark Comedy


Reality show host Liam Argyle sets out to destroy the very people who chose him for fame and fortune in the corporate dystopia of 2074.

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Uproar Books Classics

THE HEADS OF CERBERUS by Gertrude Barrows Bennett

A 1919 pulp classic about a nightmarish future America where the ruling class forces the poor to compete in deadly games.

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Sci-Fi Thriller

THE WAY OUT by Armond Boudreaux

Two fearless women–a former U.S. Marine and a news reporter–discover the truth behind the “medical miracle” of the artificial human womb.

Eerily relevant and unrelenting, this is sure to thrill fans of politically focused science fiction.”

-Publishers Weekly

Only 99₵

Uproar Books is going old school for the first two novels in our new series of sci-fi and fantasy classics!

WE by Yevgeny Zamyatin is the 1921 Russian masterpiece that inspired Orwell’s 1984 and was the first novel ever banned by the Soviet Union.

THE HEADS OF CERBERUS is the 1919 pulp classic that first explored parallel worlds and inspired the mind-bending fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and Philip K. Dick.

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